Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beerengine has been ported successfully to raspberry pi! This is the fifth fully supported platform: Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and RPi. Main problems with RPi were
  • beerengine needs at least an operating system that supports the ARM hardfloat ABI (armhf), ie raspbian. Without armhf,  ARMv6+VFP are not used at full speed and the performance drops beyond 1 fps... :-) profiling with gprof showed that 99% of the time were spent in software FPU functions
  • gpu.c wraps now OpenGL and OpenGL ES2 with a light debug wrapper. That allows me to track GPU resources, validate all GL calls and handle some GL/ES differences. It also does the capabilities check etc
  • Window system interfaces are available for EGL, EAGL, GLUT and WGL
  • Compressed textures are very different on each platform, so the beerengine supports ETC, PVRTC and DXT through proprietary encoders. 
  • Bluetooth support on linux sucks, again. Currently (June 2012) it's not possible to pair keyboards/game controllers since some idiots destroyed the support in bluez 4.x - 

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